Thursday, October 4, 2007

My pregnancies

My first pregnancy was way back in 2000, a short one which ended in a miscarriage at 6 weeks. In fact all the initial tests showed negative, the home test, the clinical test until I went to a gynae to source the root of my delayed menses and he said I was pregnant! (under the ultra-sound machine). Well I didn’t expect that but was thrilled, suddenly I remembered going for a strong antibiotic for my UTI (urinary tract infection) the week before and that time the doctor did asked me whether I’m pregnant, since the initial two tests said I wasn’t I went ahead with the strong dose. But the dose proof too strong for the baby and I believe it affected the normal growth and eventually nature took it course. It was so painful for me especially and for my hubby, our first baby conceived out of love was now gone. The D&C was terrible, I fainted in the lift and I vowed not to get pregnant again, the emotional and physical stress … I went through depression but thank God not a long one. After recuperating and trying for a year, finally I conceived for the second time, but this time I was bleeding (the same symptom when I had the first one), the cycle and previous experience haunted me, thanks to Dr. Quah from LWE, through his care and weekly injections, little Michelle managed to stick so close to mummy’s womb and grew healthily for full nine months. Little Michelle is born in 11th June 2002 weighed a little 2.56kg; she was so small and pretty. Today she weighed close to 16kg and is 5+.

We were taking precaution and right after Michelle’s first birthday, we got naughty and da da…… little Emily was conceived but mummy had just registered for MBA program, also with bleeding symptom, Dr. Quah also took good care of Emily by giving mummy the proper medication but made mummy’s body and taste go totally upside down. Carrying Emily was such a blink of the eye due to my busy and tight schedule, she attended all of the classes and make sure mummy completed the test before decided to see the world. Little Emily is born in 22nd February 2004 weighing 3.0kg, slightly bigger than Jeh Jeh, she got two big round and gorgeous eyes (just like mummy), small lips and perfect features. Most of my friends said she looked like me but to me Emily looks so much prettier than mummy, no fight…….

So here were my short memories of my pregnancies…. the fourth one???…… not young anymore eh so………. we will just keep that aside until God decided to interfere again… he he… hope not….

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