Thursday, November 29, 2007

Burn that fats!

I’ve been eating a lot recently, below are my eating routines:

6.30 am – wake up and drink a glass of warm water
6.45am – make a glass of supplement, I’m taking Phyto Greens
8.00am – breakfast (usually 3 slices of bread spread with jams/tunas/egg) with a cup of cereal, if not taking bread sometimes I’ll take “wan tan mee”, economy char bee hun, clear soup noodles and occasionally nasi lemak
11.00am – stomach growling already, munch on some whole meal biscuits
12.30pm – lunch, either noodle or rice dish, on Fridays I normally try special stuff…
4.00 pm – stomach growling again, snack time, sometimes I’ll make a cup of cereal, get a cup of milo from the vending machine, searching around the office to ask food from colleagues, tried to munch on healthy snacks
7.30 pm – dinner, rice with cater food (yaks, but no choice) and home boiled soup ( I boiled soup at least 4 times/week)
10.30 pm – occasionally supper treat with hubby but very rare…

And NO, “I’M NOT PREGNANT”, but one thing I realized if I’m thinking a lot and one week before menses, I sure got good appetite.

Eating too much, so yesterday I went for an aerobics session, an outdoor session with folks from all walks of life, young and old, Chinese, Indians, Muslims, uncles, aunties, children…… yeap, can’t believe it right? Well there is this park near Relau called “Taman Metropolitan”, as a community activity, the local authority conduct free “Aerobics with Rose” every Thursday evening from 6-7pm and on Sun mornings (not sure… cause I’ll be church the whole morning, can’t attend so could not be bothered of the time). I had an enjoyable time burning my fats and really sweat it out. The session was very lively with all types of numbers (Chinese, Indian, Hindustan, Malay, Japanese songs). The park has a reasonable size children playground and well maintained, I bring my girls there occasionally.

The aerobicians in action, I took this when taking my break, real exhausted!

One of species in the park, a whole lot more but they aren't blooming


debwangch said...

wow... you eat more than me, the pregnant lady... and yet can keep the figure slim... God is so good!

celine said...

I want to say the same thing as debwangch. :)

Wai Wai said...

not really slim, it's just i wear suitable clothing to hide my weakness and boost my strength.. ke ke ke, like being short I don't wear horizontal stripes, always wear dark colour pants, simple cutting blouse-no frills type, always go for "A" shape skirts and no hang in between length blouse... now all my secrets unveiled...


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