Friday, November 30, 2007

My precious rings

I took this while caught in a jam on my way to aerobics yesterday.

Gifts from my hubby eight and a half years ago, the band is our wedding ring with his name and our wedding date carved at the inner side, hubby is wearing one which is identical (the source of reminder for our wedding anniversary). The diamond stud is a so call engagement ring that I requested before agreeing to marry him. He claimed it’s the most expensive item he had ever bought for a lady, I’m thinking of upgrading the stud to something more lavish on our 10th anniversary, something like this? What do you think? Hubby must be cold sweating now.


celine said...

What will u feel if ur hubby spend 30 over thounsand ringgit to buy you this ring?
It is called suffer-ring, haha...

debwangch said...

3.78ct?? you sure you can still type and work with the 'heavy weight' on your finger?

Wai Wai said...

hmm.... so both ladies don't quite agreed with my idea ha? Anyway just joking only, i'm a practical lady, i would rather take the equivalent cash and pampered myself in some other ke ke


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