Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Malaysians were slapped yesterday by the recent news of one of our ministers involved in a sex DVD. As a Malaysian I was shocked initially, disgusted the next and really disappointed at last. The incident add another history line of a leader succumbed to immorality, for him he was caught and publicly demeaned, for many who did the same but was spared this time, worried in silence I believed.

Many years back I recalled this statement:
“Man fall because of two main factors, one is woman and the other money”. Time after time this statement was proven yet man still falling into the same ditch. I wonder why? Personally this saddens me, why have men took the sacred marriage union so lightly? Is it because merely of their wife’s failure to fulfill their sexual desire or simply man is too weak to fight the lust in them and the “fiercely temptations”.

Many single ladies used to comment that good men are very very hard to find nowadays or simply they have extinct from this earth, they were either married or not available any more. One of my young lady friend used to comment, all guys are interested is just sex, sex and sex. I heard numerous stories (not sure how true they are) of husbands being infidel, keeping mistresses, committed adultery, going to prostitutes while their wife is pregnant etc. This makes me questioned…… Why is this happening? Is it God created men to be super extra sexually active that they can’t keep it within their own marriage or it is mere man’s excuses to their own selfish lust?

I believe that my husband is still faithful to me after more than 8 years of marriage not because he has super power of resisting his sexual desire, but because he has a higher authority that he needs to give account to and that is His creator.

Many marriages broke up, children suffered because of this irresponsible act. I sympathized with the wives and children and could not possibly think how they could bring themselves forgiving and carrying on with the shattered lives, it’s so difficult to say “I have forgiven him for his acts and will support him” and even more so difficult to actually do it.

I always believe that we need to bear whatever consequences out of each of our action, nothing damaging that we have done can be left concealed, time will tell.


Celine said... is still man. A man's status is corrupted just because a lady, because of sex. What a waste...
However, me too, I believe my husband. :P
By the way, you still haven't come and claim the award from my blog...

Wai Wai said...

Man got to do something and stop giving excuses that they are mere no self-control "man".

Somemore he commented something like this "don't think all men in there (the politicians) are all clean", my goodness, don't tell me we are voting a bunch of immoral leaders in there. "Fainted"


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