Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Child safe memo

The news of children went missing is alarming, frightening and saddening especially those who were never found. Normally children under the 2-8 age groups are more prone to be abducted, kidnapped, missing for whatever reason. Sad to say, today's world is not a safe place for our children, more so in the city, I used to run free and wild on the roads when I was small, everybody knows everybody's kids by name, whose kids are those and we keep an eye for each other.

Until the authority and local neighborhood is able to make our towns and cities a safe place for our children, as parents and guardian of little children, we should take necessary precaution, below are some tips that we take:

1) Never bring kids to shop for groceries when you are alone with no other helper around.
2) Worst still never bring them along when it's sales period.
3) Try not to stop in the middle of your journey when you are traveling alone with small children, stop to get things when you already dropped them.
4) If you need to go out with them alone, please strap them, especially active ones, if you need to leave your paid groceries behind, leave them but not your child.
5) If your child is 4 and above, teach them to memorize your house no, where you stay, telephone numbers (I taught my kids in a song, make a tune, they can remember better).
6) Teach your children to respond when they were taken away by strangers (even children their age, I heard nowadays they use children to attract children), I taught mine to punch, scream, kick - practice the routine and scene at home.
7) Always lock the car doors (this is a basic one)
8) Make specific arrangement when you go out as a family i.e. daddy always take care of child 1, mummy of child 2, if not the adults will think they are taking care of the children when in actual no one else is
9) Never let them go to toilets alone, not even in restaurants, never leave them out of sight when you are out in public.
10) Don't let your children be too friendly with security guards (better be careful than sorry).
11)Watch out for your neighbor's children, we really need each other to create a safe neighborhood first.
12) Be watchful of your surrounding....

Let's remember the family of those children, who had been missing, pray for them and visit them if possible, let's educate each other on child care safety.

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