Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Protecting our earth

Earth day was celebrated on the 22nd April each year, this post is a bit outdated, nevertheless it's important. Though the awareness to be environmental friendly are promoted more frequently in Malaysia, the execution and actual implementation are not that effective compared to other developed countries like Japan and western countries. I got the chance to watch the award winning documentary by Al Gore recently in the Philippines, the title of the documentary is called "The Inconvenience Truth". I didn't know that Al Gore was such an environmentalist that go to that extend to fight for US government to take drastic action in preserving the environment and to take up more serious steps in protecting the globe through aggresive policy making.

While watching the show, I look around me and know what? I started switching off all the lights in my room and left only the bathroom light on, it sure did made me felt guilty. I questioned myself on what I've done to protect the environment for my generations to come, this is the list I could think of:

1) I recycle plastic bags to contain rubbish
2) If I hand wash my clothes, the last pail of water will remain to water the plants or mop the floor
3) I make sure all lights and electrical equipments are off when not in use
4) Use shower all the time
5) Buy detergents, body shampoo in the bag form, recycle the original containers
6) Plant a lot of plants
7) To be done - change my weekly "marketing" style, I will invest in a trolley, use food containers instead of plastic bags, saw this approach from a lady in the wet market.
8) Educate my kids to use recycle papers for their scribbling and drawings

Do you have any more suggestions? I could hardly find recycle bins in my neighborhood... hmm....Sometimes we just brush aside the thought that our single effort will not give any significant impact; but it does, collectively we make a difference, just see the recent national election....

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