Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Work has been overwhelming lately.... H E L P! My assistant was away on a business trip at Guangzhou (supposed to be my trip, but I transferred to him), thank God he's not affected by the earthquake, else don't know how to replace people's son. Michelle is having her 1st term exam this week, so not much time to blog... Yeah my boss and I finally had a good talk this morning, I'm glad we thrashed things out so that we could move on without grudges.

Blogging has been very theurapetic, I found many mommies blogger friends, even though it's just a small gestures or little comment left at my blog, I felt comforted and glad that I'm not alone, many mothers felt and thread the same path before, so mommies bloggers should continue to encourage one another ya!

Thanks to Celine who introduced me to blogging, I'm hooked already... ha ha ha.

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Ling That's Me said...

I have been blogging since Mar 2005 and hooked on it.
Part of my boy's pregnancy has been recorded and it will serve as a sweet memories in the future.
Sometimes how I wish I were introduced to blogging earlier so that I could write about my girl's pregnancy too!


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