Monday, June 16, 2008

Wise spending

I have a few friends who are in their mid thirties and just delivered their second babies. Recently we were in contact again, more and more women are marrying late, even if they married in their mid twenties, many of my friends did not conceive until they were in their thirties.

With the increased cost of living, many of us (medium earning families) will normally stop at two, the price of goods has really increased tremendously for the past few months that it really triggers me to spend wisely.

The cost of medical has also skyrocketed, hubby went for a minor "surgery", no knifes, just a "rub" by the doctor, hospitalized for 3 nights and the bill amounted to nearly RM3K, unbelievable and I believe it's way too much.

Even if he is covered under his company's insurance, bottom line the consumer is the one who is going to suffer in the long run due to higher premium paid in our health insurance.

Petrol prices has increased by 41% and we all know this will followed by an increased in all things. Tell me one thing which has not increased and that will be most likely to be our salary... :(

So what to do? We got to spend I'm keeping my grocery bills to track my monthly spending and to compare prices (so auntie hor)..


Little Inbox said...

Yalor, have to spend wisely, otherwise cannot survive mah. True or not?

Ling That's Me said...

not auntie lah, becuz I did that too ever since I am taking a big pay cut. I record every single bit of our expenses, including few cents. :D


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