Thursday, July 17, 2008

3 Paintbrush of parenting

I managed to steal some time and did some reading last week, I'm reading a parenting book by Dr.William Slonecker, halfway through I find the book quite interesting with a lot of practical insights in parenting, most importantly, it's based on biblical principles in which hubby and I agreed there could be no other better way than our God's way when it comes to bringing up and nurturing our precious gems.

The writer shared 3 must have paint brushes of parenting which are love, authority and trust, what I like about the book is there are no heavy stuff, more on principles and a lot of life experiences from the writer who serve as a pediatrician cum family counsellor for more than 40 years. It's not written for American parents, in fact I could relate the principles and his examples in our Asian family context. Therefore I strongly recommend this book to parents who are open to parenting principles based on a biblical point of view.

Happy reading, God knows how a daunting task it is being parents. :D

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Ayla said...

Great work.


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