Monday, July 28, 2008

More cooking

Since the huge hike of goods' price, I’m more cost conscious nowadays. I tend to cook more often over the weekends, typically we went out for a good meal once a week and each meal would cost us about RM40-RM60 depending where we go and what we eat. In addition MIL has borrowed a lot of cook books, she even made some copies so I’ve been trying new recipes and also improvised some of my own…. Would like to share some recipes for those who want to pamper their family right at the comfort of your home... I think most of us dread about the cleaning part not so much the cooking part right? As for me I normally do the preparation and cooking, MIL will take the back stage and do the cleaning job for me…

Wai Wai’s Chicken Teriyaki.

1)2 drumsticks with the thigh portion, de-boned

1)1 ½ teaspoon of sugar
2)1 tablespoon of soya sauce
3)1 tablespoon of “shau shing” wine

1)1 ½ teaspoon of sugar
2)1 tablespoon of soya sauce
3)1 tablespoon of “shau shing” wine
4)1 teaspoon of corn flour
5)3 tablespoon of water

Slices of cucumbers/tomatoes

Marinate the chicken for ½ hour, heat 3 tablespoon of oil, spread the chicken with a thin layer of corn flour and grilled under low fire until both side is cooked. Pour out excess oil and pour in the sauce, cook until sauce thicken, shut the fire, remove from wok, garnish with slices of cucumbers/tomatoes.

Chicken Chestnut with Jellyfish Soup

1) ½ chicken, de-skin
2) 4 slices of ginger
3) 7-8 chestnuts (de-skin)
4) 4 bowls of water
5) Jelly fish (a handful), soaked for 6 hours to remove the salty taste

Bring items 1 – 4 to boil, remove and transfer into a slow cooker, let it simmer for 4 – 6 hours, pour in jelly fish and add salt to taste. Serve hot.


Little Inbox said...

RM40-60 for 5 of you still very cheap la...:P
If eating out, hubby and I will spend at least RM40 for just 2 of us. We'll still eating out at least once a week. Trying new food at new location.

dorene said...

Yummmmy.......luckily i had my lunch di before reading this post. haha.

Wai Wai said...

Little inbox, the two kiddos don't actually consume much, at least just not yet...but when your family grew and everything goes up (except your pay) you will feel the pinch liao...

Dorene, you are always welcome to my home and be my guinea pig.. ;)

Health Freak Mommy said...

The chicken looks good, yums!

Wai Wai said...

Shireen, try the recipe then, I'm sure your kids will love them..


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