Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The past week has been spent travelling by air and land... really tiring.

Last Tues - Friday, Penang - Manila, Manila - Penang
Sat, Penang - Sitiawan
Sun, Sitiawan - Kampar
Mon, Kampar - Sitiawan, Sitiawan - Kampar, Kampar - Penang, why the repeated journey, you may asked, well all because of me forgetting my handbag with everything in it... "tai tau ha"

We end up reaching Penang at 8pm, cleared our stuff, took dinner at 10pm and knocked out by 10.30pm.

During the recent trip, I found out that my company President knew the existence of my blog and has been reading it......how? Because I've been using the hotel free internet access in the executive room, did not clear the history and when he accessed later, saw my blog title and clicked onto it... gosh...luckily I did not write something bad about him...anyway nothing bad to write about also.... so I'm safe and still employed.. :)

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Little Inbox said...

Become tai tau har already ar? Getting old liao? Haha...ok, ok, just kidding. Phew....luckily you didn't write anything bad about the company hor? Will he keeps on reading this post?? Lost freedom liao like that.
You know what, I bumped into CY Low and his 'gf' in a Thai temple, hehe...


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