Friday, September 26, 2008

7 working days to go

Yay, 7 more working days to go... I skipped 2 posts cause really busy this week. Busy training up my replacement, we are making appointments to cover whatever we can after office hour and also tomorrow (Sat) to ensure smooth transition... Next week will be going off for a long break due to Raya holidays and company shut down. We will be travelling back to hometowns and catching up with love ones. I miss the food in my hometown and also high time to spend some time with my dad, the last trip back was 2 months ago. We will be going to Bidor to visit my sis's family and get to taste the delicious rendang, ketupat and raya cookies.... so blogging will have to take a break...... happy holidays!


MamaJo said...

Really a final countdown for you ler.....Wow, raya cookies, lemang, etc....every year, I must sure myself eat lemang, ha, favourite

Anonymous said...

Hi Wai,

WOW! 7 more working days to go...and you shall be a Stay At Home Mum?

How's your trip back Hometown?

Hope you had a great time catching up with your family and friends...


Anonymous said...

By the way, thank you for doing up the tag "Hubby and I"..

Heheee...i am the creator of this tag, it was originally named "Yesterday Once More"!

Daphne Ling said...

Hey Elaine,

So, how was the whole balik kampung trip to see friends and family?

Hope it was a good one! Too late to wish you a safe journey, but oh well, here's hoping it was alright! ;)

Wai Wai said...

Mamajo, yeah I like lemang too and the rendang... yummy yummy... there goes my cholesterol level..

KM, no I'm not a SAHM yet... still need to work... changing to a new company after working 12+ years in my present company, hope that I can cope well.. my pleasure doing the tag.. oh yeah the title should be Yesterday once more, i will change the title to maintain the originality of the tag..

Hi Daph.. thanks, the trip was great and we ended up eating eating and eating, there goes my weight..


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