Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Kiasi - Stock up!

We may be experiencing some political instability this coming Tuesday, 16th September. Friends and colleagues reminded me to stock up goods for my family. So I really did… stock up rice, milk powder, instant noodles, dry bee hoon, biscuits, cakes, drinks, fruits, eggs….. called me “kiasi” or what but even if I can stand hunger, my precious daughters can’t.

This afternoon we were jokingly discussing that maybe in our generations to come we may have to move out of our current land and forced to reside somewhere else. I have never thought of that, well as much as we seek for equality and justice, somehow we are conditioned to accept the fact that in this evil and decaying world we are in, equality and justice that we desired may not be attainable… unless majority has the guts to stand up against all odds in spite of the potential hardship that one may faced in the course of doing so.

A country is like a company, we have the board of directors and executives to run the company, the top guys set the rules, policies and decide how things should be run and done. Employees desired for equality and justice in pay, benefits, way of treatment and opportunity in the career ladder. Most of us work with others and some are bosses of their own….. for those who work with others I’m sure we seek equality and justice in the company that we work with and I hope for those who run their own business they will exercise equality and justice. Now if you yourself experienced injustice or you know somebody who are treated in an unjustly manner, what will you do?

Sometimes I wish I’m like my kids, no worries, if they feel that they are being “victimized”, they will just cry, wait to be comforted and things will be super duper okay for them. They can fall right away to sleep in less than 10 minutes while we adults sometimes toss left and right for hours struggling to fall asleep..worried over life matters. I tried to recollect some childhood memories but seems limited… I remembered I was pretty naughty, always played “stomachache” when mom asked me to eat something I detested, faked sleep when mom forced me to take afternoon naps, followed my sis wherever she goes……

For those who are like me being “kiasi”, please do stock up ya… just in case. Let’s pray for peace and goodwill on earth.


Little Inbox said...

Oh, I went to shopping just now, but just focused on caller ID phone, clothes, and non-stick pot. Aiyo, no food at all.

Wai Wai said...

Little inbox, apaler... better stock up lor,you can't survive with caller ID phone, clothes and non-stick pot leh.. LOL

Little Inbox said...

Sure, ok!


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