Monday, March 30, 2009

"Paint" art

Michelle drew these using the "Paint" program this morning... I must say it's a very good piece of work of hers and decided to post it.

Poor Michelle is down with a fever early in the morning and got to skip school today, she has poor appetite, ulcers in her mouth and vomited just now. She's resting now and hope that she will recover soon... arghh.... a new neighbor is renovating his unit exactly 2 floors above ours and it's driving all of us crazy since 9.00am... please please go for a long lunch, tea time and stop work early......


MamaJo said...

It is really cool and nice. What is 'paint' program ar? Can buy or not? As Jona and Isaac love drawing too

Wai Wai said...

Mamajo, if you have a PC and installed Windows XP with Microsoft applicaton, you can find the program under All program/Accessories/Paint... happy trying..


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