Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bali Vs Reality

Yeap, we're back from our 2nd honeymoon and back to "reality", no more late nights, lazy mornings, long buffet breakfast, wonderful relaxing spa session, crazy shopping days, sun breeze, fantastic sunsets, macho surfers, good food, back to nature, quiet couple time............ One thing is sure, we were glad that we made this trip and I've the best time in my life shopping... bargaining like never before. that we are back home.....the only reward is we get to see our princesses again after 4 long days of separation. Emily and MIL came to fetch us in the airport last Monday and Emily was like jumping hysterically and once settled down, immediately demanded for her gifts (don't know missing us or the gifts more). Michelle is equally excited and was calling for me before even reaching the front door when she came back from school.

I've uploaded the photos in my facebook and will upload some here later. At the mean time I've got to adjust going back to work especially that I'll be lecturing on a full time basis starting from next week. No more hazy lazy days ahead but then at the mean time I still have 5 days enjoying my resort life at home..... Stay tune for more Bali posting ya!

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Little Inbox said...

Back from Indonesia got to self quarantine for one week le.


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