Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Occasionally Enterprising...

One of the subject I’ll be teaching this semester is Enterprising Management and one of the exercise that I plan to do with my students is the GET test (General Enterprise Tendency test). The test was initially developed by staff at Durham University Business School and over the years has been revised. The tool was meant to test if one has the entrepreneurial personality, in other words to see if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur (one who has an innovative idea and able to commercialize it to create wealth). It’s an objective based questionnaire, 54 questions in all, quite simple and you just got to tick your stand on the statements whether you tend to agree or disagree…
Well, this is what I score and the interpretation of the “entrepreneur likelihood” in me. :)

“Occasionally enterprising”
You are likely to have strengths in some of the enterprising characteristics and may be enterprising in some contexts. At this time you probably are unlikely to set up an innovative growth-oriented global business, and may be able to express your enterprise either within employment as an intrapreneur, or in your leisure time through voluntary community projects.

You probably wish to consider tried and tested enterprising ideas that fit in with your lifestyle.

You may be happy to work as an intrapraneur as a valuable member of an organisational team. If you start your own enterprise, you may need to cultivate stronger independent leadership qualities. Starting a business is not the only option for you. You would be probably equally happy to work as an employee as part of an organisational team or on your own projects.

You would probably look to others for entrepreneurial ideas but are probably content with proven, traditional approaches to business or enterprise.

You are not happy about taking on any risk and perhaps you have too many responsibilities or too few personal resources to allow you to feel comfortable about taking financial or business risks.

You scored highly in having an internal locus of control. This means that you may have the following qualities:
• Opportunistic, seeking and taking advantage of opportunities;
• Self-confidence with the belief that you have control over your destiny and you make your own luck (I trust in God’s plan for me), rather than being controlled by fate;
• Proactive, taking personal responsibility to navigate problems that arise to achieve success on your terms;
• Determination and express a strong willed control over life;
• Self belief, equating the results achieved with the effort you make.
Having an internal locus of control means that you confidently seek to exert control over your life, drawing on your inner resources rather than depending on others. You strongly believe that your personal qualities and efforts will determine your success in life. (I’m just a simple woman delighted by the simple things around me!!)

Thinking of running your own business, you may want to try this test out at
http://get2test.net/test/index.htm before deciding on your next move...anyway it's just a test, should not be an ultimate tool to influence your decision.

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