Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Games that we played..

Games that we played as a family:

1) Building blocks – we will build anything and hubby will ask each of us to tell a story out of the things that we have built, during this process creativity sips in and Emily is real good at this.

2) The stack – stack them up, remove each block at a time to increase the height, this test our patience, motor skill and create some tension during the course of the game.

3) Dance – hubby will play fast music and we will dance our heart out with really funny and ridiculous moves… (only for personal home viewing, lest we will be labeled as psycho!)

4) Act it out – hubby make it an effort to lead in weekly family devotion, tells a story and teaches biblical values, we take turns to act out the story, I always have to act the “bad/naughty” character…

5) Guess what am I? We think of an object/animal/type of food/anything and describe the item, the rest take turns to guess… builds imagination! The girls can’t wait to tell us the answers!!

6) Outdoor – Hubby loves nature and always bring us out either for a stroll, cycle, beach…anything outdoor

7) Memory card – We arrange the cards/patterns in a matrix, memorize them for a minute, flip the card over and find the pair by opening one card at a time, the girls always win… our brain cells are depleting each day… got to accept that!

8) Badminton – Mummy play with Michelle, daddy play with Emily, change partners and mummy play with daddy under the car park below our condominium.

9) Soup boiling – Mummy bring out all the ingredients, children clean them, mummy cuts them, children place them into the pot, add required portion of water and mummy takes care of the rest…

10) Colourful sticks – I played this more than 30 years ago, we group all the sticks in different colours together and hold them vertically, release our hands and let the sticks fall free, each takes turn to remove individual stick without touching other sticks nearby.

11) Scrabble – I end up forming all the words, Michelle and Emily arrange them on the board, Emily helps to draw the tiles, (we’ll improve on that later…)

12) Scrapping – this is new, we went out, find a spot and scrap whatever that is in front/around us….

How about you? What are the games that you play as a family?

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