Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Herb "Angel"

Three in the family suffered series of indigestion that resulted in vomitting,diarrhea and windy stomachs. Guess who? Answer: DEM (daddy,emily and mummy). Happened on different timing but not far from each other, 3 of us were down in bed most of the time, I slept from 3 - 6pm, then 9pm to 6am yesteray, Emily basically the same while daddy sort of recovered as he had it earlier.

On 1/2 medical leave yesterday and when I got back from class this morning, a colleague placed a container with leaves soaked in water on my desk with this note:
"Ms. E, chew this and digest it, drink the water after that , from your angel".

Earlier on this "angel" of mine was suggesting that there was this plant on the way to the library building (my college has a collection of spice garden), asked me to pluck some of the leaves, chew it, supposingly help to relieve my digestion problem. I was quite skeptical and just ignored him lar.

After lunch, he insisted that I tried the remedy, well... I suppose nature is better than swallowing some pills from the doctor eh, chew the leaves (super bitter), swallowed it and after 3 hours I'm still okay, so guess it's not poisonous. Between 12noon to 3.30 pm, I took my lunch, finished my 1/2 cup of ginger tea, ate 3 "paus" and still feel hungry. I think the leaves must be at work!!

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MamaJo said...

I'm strong believer of herbs or natural plants :) (all inherited from my mom)....

When my kids are unwell, I usually prefer to give them try natural herbs first before seeking advice from paed...


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