Friday, April 23, 2010

The right words at the right time..

It's the kindy practice that whenever there's a spelling, ejaan or "ting sieh" session, the child need to obtain the parents' signature of acknowledgement as an evidence that parents are aware of their child's progress in those tested area. Below was the conversation between Emily and I one evening concerning the subject matter.

Emily: Mommy need your signature... I did not get all right for my "ting sieh"
Me: Hmm....checking and putting my signature on the page (actually no big deal, I remembered she got 4 out of 5 correct).
Emily: (Quickly keep the book and took out another, the spelling book this time). Nah you can look at this as long as you want and you'll be happy, forget how I fare for my "ting sieh".
Me: (Puzzled, I wonder whose side of genes that she got this from)

One evening, when Emily and hubby were spending some time outside the house they bumped with our neighbor Mrs.XX.

Mrs.XX: Hi Emily!
Emily: Hi Mrs. XX
Mrs.XX: Nice staying at your new house?
Emily: Yes...
Mrs.XX: Which one is better? Your old or new place?
Emily: Certainly the new place.
Mrs.XX: Why?
Emily: Because over here I can get to see you.
Mrs.XX: (The heart must have been melted by her words)

You see, my girl really knows how to position herself and makes the most out of the situation. I shall not fear for her surviving skills, as the song goes "She will survive".

As for Michelle she's the straight forward type, no twist and turn, very predictable. Both of them make a good blend.


MamaJo said... sweet of Emily. She just know when to use the right words. She really sociable person:)

dorene said...

emily has potential in marketing! :)

Wai Wai said...

Mamajo, yeah she's really a sociable person and really know how to sweet talk.

Dorene, ha.. never thought of that.


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