Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Michelle is 8! Time for her first cinema show!

Michelle's birthday falls on the 11th June 2002, last Friday marked her 8th year in our beloved family. To celebrate my "1st painful delivery experience" and "her joyous entrance into our family" I took a day off from work and we planned for something simple and fun for the girls, I could not possible left Emily out in the celebration as she is very much a part of this triangular love affair, daddy left us alone for some girls time.

I bought tickets for "Shrek Forever After" a couple of days back and it was their first cinema show. To ensure that all of us really get to enjoy the show, I logged into the internet, browsed the preview and sypnosis of the show, briefed the girls, gave them first hand information on what to expect, went through the list of dos and dont's in the cinema etc..... You see this mommy is really paranoid.

Below was an abstract of our conversation (after we were seated in our seats, we were the 2nd group to arrive).

Michelle: Wah... the TV is so big
Emily: Wah...very fun lor
Me: No need to whisper yet, the show haven't start, can talk as usual
Michelle & Emily: Oh OK
Emily: When is it going to start?
Michelle: Will there be a sudden loud noise when it starts?
Me: I'll tell you, don't worry (in mind I was like thinking - two "san pah poh" - katak di bawah tempurung leaving their village for the first time), blame it on mummy lar.
Me: Come take the popcorn...
Michelle & Emily: Mummy, later cannot talk ar? When I'm scared how?
Me: Hold on to mummy's hand
Emily: Wah later the characters jump out from the big TV.
Me: Don't be silly..
Michelle: Giggle... why so long haven't start?

After much FAQ (frequently asked questions), finally they are airing something on the "big TV", they commented that the next show to watch is Toy Story (because of the preview)... (there goes, they now know how to demand already), there were some "ooh ooh ah ah.." and finally the show began.

I would say all went well, of course mummy's arms were pulled on both side for certain scenes and the girls even shed tears at some point where there were touchy scenes, I was glad that all goes and end well. We all enjoyed the show and can't wait for the next one...

After the show we went for ice-cream, did some window shopping and headed home. We thank God for blessing Michelle for the past 8 years, we pray that Michelle will continue to grow into Christ likeness and in His words.

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miche said...

Happy Belated Birthday Sweet Michelle. Wow! Your mommy really make you wait till you are 8 for a movie in the cinema. Barnabas who turned 4yo a day after your birthday went for his first movie in the cinema a few months ago. hehe.


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