Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dream #2 fulfilled

This is a sequence of my previous entry on achieving dreams, here I am sharing with you one of my dreams achieved, Dream # 2.

Dream # 2 – Going to Disneyland
I cannot recall when I was first introduced to this magical land called Disneyland. I guessed probably through Disney cartoons that I watched from our old black/white TV back in the late 1970s.

All I know is Disneyland is a place for every kid, young and old from 2 – 92 years old. So you see there’s no exception for me, I dreamt of going to Disneyland one day and took the ever famous “It’s a small world” ride and of course to meet up with Mickey in person. Though I don’t know much about this place until I grown much older but all I knew back then is going there will cost a bomb and my parents could never afford it.

So… my this childhood dream was kind of slowly getting off/deleted from my mind until in year 2000. This is the year where the first manufacturing company I worked with earned the most and where the revenue grown many hundreds fold, it was also a year where we worked the hardest and also a year where I had a miscarriage too.

After recovered from the D&C, my lady boss actually proposed to our HQ that the senior staffs deserved a good reward and demanded that 4 of us be entitled for an overseas trip. At first we opted for New Zealand but due to last minute booking we were not able to find any tour operator that could accommodate us for such a short notice, my boss then later decided that we should go to Japan.

One of the itineraries was to visit Disneyland Tokyo, how delighted I was! Suddenly my childhood dream resurfaced and I felt like a kid again. Best of all my hubby got to go for the trip also, 100% funded by the company! Wow, this is what we called double blessings!

So from 23 Dec 2000 to 1 Jan 2001 we were in Japan and we got to countdown in Disneyland, Tokyo on 31-12-2000.

Below are some snapshots of us in the magical world.
Our passport to the magical land!

The hero of Disneyland, can't leave without meeting Mickey! We waited and queued so long..
The happy Tigger and I, I chose to be like Tigger!

Ah, the long awaited "small world" ride..

Hubby and I with Cinderella's castle as backdrop..

Ah, the ever famour Disney parade.

More than over 20 years later since I first captured this vision, I’m delighted to announce that - YES, I DID WENT FOR THE “It’s a small world” boat ride in the magical kingdom after all.
Dream # 2 achieved!

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