Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sad News

I received a terrible bad news yesterday, one of my ex-colleagues from my first company was diagnosed with thyroid cancer (advance stage), in addition he was in coma due to a tubing procedure that went wrong.

The news broke my heart, we have had the opportunity to work for 3 years before he resigned and start up his own business. Though majority of the time spent with him was on job assignments and in a professional work setting, such news really gave me a big blow. My heart goes to his wife and children.

I went to the hospital to visit him last evening after work, have the opportunity to spend time with his wife and to understand his situation. I could not possibly understand the emotional turmoil that is in her but thank God externally she looks strong. We held hands and prayed together, that’s what I thought we could do for the family at this point of time.

As far as I’ve known this colleague of mine, he is a fighter, we prayed that he will remain one at this difficult situation. Though his condition looks pessimistic, his wife shared that he is determined to fight this battle and somehow deep inside me I know he will.

I’m not going to judge and question the doctors’ capability in addressing my colleague’s condition, for they are human themselves but some words of thought:

1) Always get a second opinion if the first doctor’s advice is to go for a surgery
2) Reputable doctors are busy doctors, they may not have the time for you, select with wisdom
3) Understand all possible complications, educate yourself about your illness/condition and communicate all symptoms promptly to the medical team, it could save lives
4) Pray for discernment and wisdom from God, He is our great physician

My blood test is due soon and I’m going to order for a cancer marker to be performed, please do so yourself, early detection could save lives. EFV – Exercise and take more Fruits and Vegetables.

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shaggyfish said...

happy birthday elaine! still got one more year to hit the big 4 for us!!!! hahahaha...nevertheless a really blessed year ahead, wishing you health and happiness ya!


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