Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Quick Updates On What's Happening

Have not been blogging lately, so this is a post wrapping up the highlights of our family:

1) Emily got first place in her final kiddy (K2) exam and will be graduating this coming Thursday, we are so proud of her!

2) We are planning for a short trip to Gunung Jerai this coming Nov, 8 families confirmed going.

3) We have some visitors coming from Labuan, JB and S'pore last 2 weeks, so we have a full house and busy entertaining our guests.

4) We also celebrated hubby's grandmother's 85th Birthday! Wow, 4 generations under our roof last 2 weeks.

5) Emily suffered from a gigantic bug attack which causes her to miss 3 school days, but thank God she is well and healthy now.

6) Michelle sat for her school final examination and maintained her performance, now enjoying her "freedom" days

7) Hubby and I are going to Air Supply concert this coming 16th Nov at PISA, Penang, yeah! It is hubby's first time attending a live concert and he complained that his "first time" was given to a pair of old "ah moh" LOL

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