Thursday, September 13, 2007

Going back to school

A lot of working adults attempted to go back to school and I’m one of them, four years ago. Determine to increase my market value, I was all geared up to face the books again after 7 years of absence without realizing what I’m getting myself into. For those who have the same aspiration like me or attempting to do so…. “DANGER AHEAD”.

First week was fun, going back to school gives you a “born again, forever young” feeling, plenty of new friends, still can bear with the night lectures and assignments, came the 2nd week….. oh my gosh, I’m pregnant!!! By the time I completed my 1st semester, energy level is running low but stomach is getting bigger (can’t hide anymore…). 2nd semester was horrible, I’m too far from completing (11 papers to go which means another 462 lecture hours and at least 33 personal/group assignments/tests!!!) and too early to quit.

3rd semester was spent nursing my new baby at home, 4th semester was simply unbearable, having to abandon my baby and coping with pressure at work………. 5th semester, 6th , 7th , 8th , 9th , 10th semester………. can’t believe I’m still sane and finally my graduation on 15th August 2007!

Well, how did I pull through? With tons of support from my family members, good “comrades” who stick by you and push you when your engine is dying and lots of laughter to keep you sane….. my advice…… please think twice before making such daunting attempt in your life, it’s worst than bungee jumping because this is not a few seconds excitement, for me it took 4 longgggggggggggg years which equivalent to 1460 days/35040 hours/2,102,400 minutes/126,144,000 seconds.


celine said...

Congratulations! I was celebrating my birthday while you were celebrating for your convo. Irene share the photos with me. The Budget 2008 will allocate RM5k deduction from individual income tax for post graduate course. It's good time to start one now. Will you recommend taking same course as yours?

Wai Wai said...

Ha, following checklist, if you answer yes to most of the questions, then you may consider taking the plunge....
a) Are you a discipline person?
b) Are you willing to spend your weekend doing assignments or attending lectures rather than resting after 5 days work?
c) Are you willing to give up some of your hobbies because believe me you won't have time for those anymore.
d) Is your partner going to understand and bear with the lifestyle change due to the demand of your studies?
e) Will your boss understand the need for you to leave on time for class?
f) Do you really need this extra paper qualification?
g) Do you want to loose your mind? Ha Ha (you can ignore this, just kidding)

So, ponder upon these questions before deciding and weigh the cost and benefit before making any decision, all the best my dear...

Wa Liau said...

Wau, "don't know" you had gone thru a hard hard time, I thought you enjoy rushing between office, home and campus....glad that you had gone through it and wa liao really proud of you. Are you planning for PHDDDDDDDDDDDDDD, yaho.........

Wai Wai said...

Wa Liau, please change your name, it sounds so "ah pek", anyway at least now you know..... PHDDDDD?? Are you out of your mind? No more books until I get enough of DVDs and play time with my princesses, we are doing "caterpillar" tonight.


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