Monday, September 10, 2007

My Garden (Updated with pics..)

Living in condominium did not give you much option in terms of gardening, so me and my gang make use of the little space of corridor that the condo-developer so graciously have given to us and turn it from the dull cement flooring to something more livelier and interesting. What started off with a few don't know what plants blossoms into two fish pond paradise, plenty of greeneries (yet to get their names), ubi-plants, variety of palms that stretched from my door step to my right neighbor (Boon) and all the way to my left neighbor (Chin). Thanks to my hubby for taking the garden shots. Thanks to my mom in-law who help keep them healthy and alive during weekdays whereas I'm more to a weekend so called gardener. So for those who are trapped in high rise buildings but love gardening, don't be discourage, with a little imagination and determination you can own a garden as well but mind you, make sure you have considerate and nice neighbors like mine who don't mine sharing their space with me... thanks to the Boons and Chins..... both of you make great neighbors....

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