Monday, September 10, 2007

"Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka"

In conjunction to our nation’s 50th independence celebration, I thought as a Malaysian for 30 over years I should write something. I believe a lot of you out there has watched the recent controversial music video on Negaraku. Personally, I found the originator of the song rather foolish and inconsiderate but I also understand the need of a young adult (if I may say that, he’s 24) to express his piece of mind. Unfortunately his ways are very wrong.

The need to respect the national anthem was sow in me back in my primary school days where we are required to stand still, hands by the side during our assembly period and sing with sincerity. Being active in a uniform unit further reinforces that practice, but I believe that time is more to adhere to the school authority rather than really respecting and understanding the gist of the national anthem.

Now married and blessed with two wonderful children, I felt the responsibility of educating my children to respect the national anthem, trying my best ability to explain what independence means to a three and five plus child and shout “Merdeka” for three times on the morning of 31st August. I asked myself, “hey why suddenly the patriotism” until I realized maybe age is catching up, with age true wisdom and perspective comes into mind.

I am fortunate to be able to travel to overseas either on business or on personal pleasure, but deep inside me there’s no place like home and that’s my dear homeland, Malaysia. So as we celebrate our nation 50th Merdeka day, in fact we have already celebrated that, let us give thanks, cross our hands and pray for our nation, forget about the so called inequality, give up our so called “rights” but truly celebrate it in our heart.


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Hi, well for those who don't know me that much, just a little more information. I'm a banana, hah banana! right, meaning externally may look "yellow" but internally it's actually "white", still don't get it, well though I am a Chinese but unfortunately don't read much Chinese character, so going back to my comment page ground rule, please do leave your comment in English or translated English. Yo hsiaohui, thanks for the comment.... we do have a huge responsibility educating the next generation....

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