Monday, September 10, 2007

Eating Out

Yesterday, me and my gang at town area and with very hungry stomachs. We felt that we could eat a whole cow, so my hubby and I decided to go and eat all you can steamboat. We went to Nagore road, Golden BBQ steamboat restaurant (Penang), it was our second trip. The first trip was more than a year ago, I could still remember after our meal it was raining cats and dogs. We grab a nice place outdoor (though we did not do any reservation), first attacked the cooked dishes - fried bee hoon with fried "little dumplings" and "fried triangles with lotus fillings" while waiting for the chicken taste soup to boil. Then we helped ourselves with the many choices that is spread before us. I must say the boss is quite generous with the offerings especially the fresh and variety choices of mushrooms, vegetables, marinated meats (beef, chicken, pork etc..), all types of fish and meat balls, medium size prawns, cuttle fish, clams....... the list goes on... Plenty of chili paste choice too. I can see my hubby is quite satisfied with the whole course and the kids were overjoyed by the eat all you can ice-cream, but unfortunately mom only allowed one each. I took a stroll with my kids while allowing my love and mom in-law to wrap up their final choice. Guess what, it starts to drizzle.... oh my I'm not sure whether history will repeat itself, we paid and left the place with our stomachs delighted and filled. The boss by the name of Joseph is kind enough to let our kids eat for free, so we just paid RM54.00 for 3 adults and I would said it's a good deal. For those who want to try, you may want to make a reservation at 012-4388324, they are close on first Monday of the month.


celine said...

I remember last time he charged for RM15 per person. Now become RM18 already?!

Wai Wai said...

Yeah, the price of all things increased......but our salary seems to be at a much lower rate, if got at all... sign....


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