Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My Princesses

Hi I would like to present unto you my two precious princesses. Apart from my hubby, they are the love of my life, can't imagine life without them. When I bring them out people used to ask "Twins ah", hah?? how can they be twins, they are totally unique individuals with their unique features. The younger one is cheeky with her big round eyes and the elder one is "matured" with her "tai kah jeh" character. They turned and twisted my life,God knows how and I learnt from them every single day. God used to say in the Bible that we should be like children specifically in our faith in Him, I believe we should be children in other ways too like being true, sincere and simple. Well is there a third one?? Only God knows..... I'm so thankful for them and someday I hope they will grow into adults who value life and be a living testimony to those around them. I love you, my precious princesses.


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