Sunday, October 21, 2007

Child beggar

Saturday morning, went to Lipsin market to buy my weekly supply for the family with my hubby. I saw this woman maybe in her 50s and a child about the age of my younger daughter on the floor and begging from the public, not the first time I saw them for they moved around. Every time I saw them, anger filled me… on the woman and my heart breaks…. for the innocent child. I asked my hubby, is there anything we can do? Shall we report to the welfare department, is she the grandmother? Where are her parents? I observed one of the woman’s hands seems to have a little defect, other than that everything looked normal, so is the child. A lot of thought playing in my mind, if I were to report to the welfare department, will they really take care of the child? What happen if the lady is really the grandmother and they will be separated? What happen if the police detained the woman and it’s the grandmother? Is this the job of a syndicate? How can I help? Oh…. I can just pray for the child, pray that God will have mercy and deliver her from the need to beg in the public…… what will you do if you are in my situation?

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