Friday, October 19, 2007

Serious child talk

My girls are extremely clingy to me which turn their daddy into a very “sour” and greenish being. When we have nothing to do, I will just start any conversation with them or we will simply roll over onto my bed or L-shape sofa and we will start our “keng kai” session, “keng kai” means “lepak” or, care free chit-chatting, below are some funny dialogues with them:

In the car, Jeh Jeh was not around:

Mummy: Mei Mei, what do you say if we just leave jeh jeh at ah kung’s house and three of us just flee?
Mei Mei: (Without thinking) “YES!”
Mummy: (Laughing)
Mei Mei: I did not say that, you did!
Mummy: But you agreed with it
Mei Mei: How can we not want Jeh Jeh, she will cry when cannot find three of us?
Mummy: So clever, how come you know there are three of us?
Mei Mei: (Pointing), nah one, two, three, three of us lah….

On a mattress in their bedroom

Mummy: Mei Mei, can you sleep on the small mattress, mummy sleeps in the center and I’m side by side with you and Jeh Jeh.
Mei Mei: Ngg…. Don’t want….
Mummy: It’s quite tight here with both of us sleeping on a single person mattress, please mei mei
Mei Mei: (In a dissatisfying tone) You are the one who give birth to me, can’t sleep with me meh?
Mummy: Startled…. Ok ok ok sleep with mummy lah….

Yesterday, I fetched Jeh Jeh from school, she needed badly to ease herself, once out from the lift she charged to our unit, I panicly searched for the house keys, can’t find, asked her to shout for Ah Mah to open the door, she shouted “ah mah, ah mah, Ah Mah, Ah Mah, AH MAH, AH MAH….. Mummy can’t hold it anymore, it’s coming out!!!”……… sshhee…………………… everything was wet inclusive the socks and her pinky sport shoes…
In the evening on the L-shape sofa:
Mummy: Girl, if tomorrow Chloe (her best friend) asked why you are not wearing your pink shoes, what will you say?
Jeh Jeh: Giggling and laughing……… say Ah Mah washed it loh…
Mummy: Why Ah Mah wash it leh?
Jeh Jeh: Ngg……… cannot tell….. very shameful…
Mummy: Just say it was dirtylah…..
Jeh Jeh: Giggling and laughing….. ok because it was dirtylah….
Mummy: Clever girl!

Today, in the car, back from school, I fried some maggi mee for her classmates (celebrating Children’s day)

Jeh Jeh: Celine (her friend) ate your maggi mee and spit it out….. she said it taste “yaks” (with her action….)
Mummy: Really, that bad??
Jeh Jeh: Ngg….
Mummy: (Not happy with the whole thing, interrogate her further) Is it true or you made it up?
Jeh Jeh: Don’t tell Ms. Wong hoh (her class teacher).
Mummy: Why because you made it up right?
Jeh Jeh: Yes…..
Mummy: (Lecture her all the way home………………….)


dorene said...

what a wonderful mother-daughter relationship...i wish i can have such talk with my mom...

BuBBleOo0oo said...

What a clever girl~! I like to talk with children, you can find plenty of "cute + funny" replies from them. Except some very naughty one =.="

celine said...

I wish I'll have a baby girl. I like "chi cha poh", very cute mah. Now, I'm still very close to my mum. We used to have a lot of topics to talk about. Really enjoy the relationship.

Wai Wai said...

I'm so blessed with two wonderful girls..... cannot imagine if they were boys, must be running here and there chasing them instead of having conversations...

Celine, maybe your wish will come true.. wait patiently


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