Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Down memory lane

Sunday, 14th Oct 2007, went back to my hometown, the once glorious Kampar, in Cantonese is “Kam Poh”, “Kam” stands for gold and “Poh” means treasure, a town full of gold and wonderful treasures. Once boosted with tin-mines and rich tin-miners, my dad was one of them but due to the economy recession in the 70s, was badly affected too which lead the family in great debts. During the good old years dad bought a semi-detached house for the family and my parents still stay there, the same kind of property with the luxurious space would have cost millions in Penang but in Kampar, it merely cost around RM200K, I think! Below is the mountain view captured from our garden with mom’s glorious purple bougainvillea in the view. Sorry not so sharp photos, taken from a low end camera phone (I’ll be shopping for a better digital camera soon…).

In the afternoon was trying to dig into my old study table (I think got 40 years old already, shifted from the old house and belong to my uncle…), guess what? Found my old diary written in the year of 1988 to early 2000…. Read through the pages and brought back to Penang to read the balance, my hubby tried to catch a page or two and caught red handed by me… give him a real lesson!!! Anyway it was such fond memories, first puppy love, first prayer answered etc……. I’m glad I pen down those teenage moments, it were all so wonderful as I recollect them… I took some of the 5-star stuff back too…. ha ha for our reunion memories in Dec…..

Monday morning,15th Oct 2007, made "nen nen" for my princesses...

After breakfast, we went sight seeing around Kampar new town where UTAR is under construction. Here I captured an image of an old building from the car, the “Hokkien Association” building, a meeting point for the 5-star before we walked together to our desired activities e.g. to the cinema, tuition classes, makan-makan and shopping. The building was refurbished, before that it looked quite run down with swallows nests on the roof top and their shit all around the ground… he he… excuse me..….

The happenings in Kampar town has shifted to the new town where house developers were busy building blocks of houses and shops, mainly due to the existence of UTAR, saw a signboard that Tesco will be up soon, at least there’s one decent place for shopping in future!  However there’s still the wonderful food stalls in the old town that I could not miss, the famous “loh shue fun”, “wan tan mee and ngau lam min (beef stew noodle)”, claypot chicken rice, curry mee, “loh mei fan” (glutinuous rice with char siew)……hmm.. yummy yummy…… I’ll be back more frequently to visit my parents and of course for the yummy food, fresh air, relaxing environment and fond memories…………..

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