Sunday, October 7, 2007

A natural dancer

My hubby says my blog’s topics were sometimes so “auntie” and sometimes so “serious”… well I answered “that’s my thoughts at that moment…. you married a very versatile lady (and bossy, dominion too - that’s his comments whenever we had disagreements). Ha ha.. well for those unmarried guys out there, watch out… you have yet to see the actual real girlfriend in front of you… he he.

Well, for those who has been following my blog (I guess only a handful of you out there, I love you all, thank you for your time and comments!), I have two princesses and this time around I would like to write a little bit more on my younger one, little Emily (stands for Every Moment I Love You).

Emily is a curious explorer (I called her a destroyer, daddy labeled her as an inventor), she simply explore, unplug, unscrew, un……everything until it can’t be un… already. She unwrapped the papers on crayons, uncap my stuff on the dressing table (lotions, lipsticks, moisturizer, hair cream….), uncap my nail polish and…….. (that was messy!), you name it she did it….. and she’s our adorable 3 year plus old, you can’t imagine that from her cute pictures right? She is good at her motor skills, jump, skips, run and a good chorographer, when daddy plays the guitar she will dance according to the beat…… I once heard that we have to help our children to discover the talent and best in them, so I wondered what is Emily good at and need some help in discovering and hopefully be a pro in it…. Dancing class? The last time I checked the ballet class, it was real expensive, not so much of the class fees but on the attire and I have to multiply it (because whatever jeh jeh has, mei mei must have it too and vice versa, no more handovers…mummy will be “pokai”), so I dropped the idea and decided to let her be a free dancer in her own care free style…….

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