Monday, October 8, 2007


When was the last time romance strikes you? We frequently heard girls, ladies and married women complained that “there’s no romance anymore”, “he is so unromantic”….so on and so on….

I’m not sure if you agreed with me, English educated men are more romantic…. Maybe some of them studied in western countries, even local men who came from English medium school to me are more romantic. What say you? What is romance?

My definition of romance….. a man who knows what a lady needs (as a precaution… different woman needs are different), a Chinese proverb says that to understand a woman’s heart is like going into the deep sea to find a needle. So guys imagine that, if you know what your lady needs than consider yourself one intelligent and great guy… ke ke ke… it doesn’t end here, knowing and also finding unique ways to deliver them so that you will melt the lady’s heart, that’s what I called romance. Tough job eh……..

So when was the last time romance strike me? Can’t tell……… I know my hubby will be sweating reading this posting…. He he…… how about you?

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