Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I want a raise!

Year end, time for performance review, my boss is going down to corporate office for the annual budget meeting and to fight for a better increment for us this year, good boss! But she commented if we don’t see her back, then we should know the outcome! To support her, I dig all my previous economics material, provide her with the inflation rate and CPI index, a salary report from the Jobstreet demonstrating how lowly paid we are compared to the general market out there, the history of petrol price hike and also the increased price list for our necessities. Hopefully our CEO in Singapore has pity on us and approved a minimum of 20% increment!!

The recent price hike on flour resulted in everybody (the hawkers, supermarkets, restaurant operators, mini marts owners etc…) increasing their price, let me share with you their so call “suck blood” exercise:

Gardenia bread – RM1.90 – RM2.10 (up 11%)
Economy char bee hoon – RM1.00 - RM1.20 (up 20%)
Hokkien mee – RM2.00 – RM2.50 (up 25%)
Herbal tea – RM1.00 – RM1.10 (up 10%)
Milk powder – RM16.80 – RM18.90 (up 12.5%)
Cooking oil (Vecorn) – RM17.00 – RM21.00 (up 24%)

So with all these price hike nonsense, it’s logic and appropriate that we demand for a better increment this year, not to enjoy a better life but more on survival (so poor thing). One bad news is the petrol price is expected to be increased again next year and here goes the chain effect again, the price of everything basically up, up and up again. I think I need to work out with my hubby on car pooling strategy, how we can save energy, water, groceries list, how to achieve the same outcome with less, use less resources and all these without any conflict and minimum impact to the kids and mom in-law. A call for “lean home operation” mission. Just in case my boss failed in convincing our bosses ….. sign….


dorene said...

full support!

celine said...

To be honest, I believe corporate will base on it's revenue and the performance of each sub-company to determine the increament for each employee. This is cruel to us...Anyway, hopefully your boss will have good news for you all!

Too bad, my company's pay adjustment will be on mid of the year...So, will just get my bonus in this coming Dec.


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