Monday, November 19, 2007

Can't sleep!

Can’t sleep well recently……hmm……sign of ageing, my definition of can’t sleep - tossing left and right and still being alert after more than 15 minutes on bed, well last night was one of those session. I accompanied my girls to sleep while my hubby watched DVD, by eleven the girls had slept and I tiptoed out of their room, joined my hubby for the show, by the time the show ended it was about half past eleven, we chatted over our girls and soon my hubby went quiet…… Little Emily was making some noise next door…. Wanted to wee but can’t pull herself up, so I went over, brought her to her potty, changed her pants and slept with her for a while, went back to my room again, tossed for another 15 minutes or so, Emily made some noise again, went over to check on her, this time she complained of nose block, adjusted her pillow, comforted her and soon she went back to sleep again, I’m still quite awake, stared at my elder daughter, so cute and slumber in her sleep, say a prayer of thanksgiving to God for my wonderful girls. Went back to my room again, trying hard to sleep and next I heard some sound, like someone is on the potty, this time my elder daughter woke up for nature calling, she took a peep at our room and walked back to her room again……. hubby was sleeping soundly…………don’t know what time I actually slept yesterday, waken by the toilet sound, mom in-law woke up and is getting ready for her morning exercise….soon my alarm rang and pulled myself to work this morning, felt like a zombie now, yawn yawn yawn…….zzzzzzzzzzzz, I’m not submitting any figures today, so it’s ok……….. how nice if my company has napping session policy…. I could easily felt asleep now………

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Anonymous said...

Hi Elaine,

I have the same problem, sometimes think too much and the brain's wheel cannot stop :>



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