Thursday, November 15, 2007

4As & 1B!

How do you teach children to deal with failure or disappointments? I have 2 nieces who received their UPSR results today, one scored 7As and the other 4As and 1Bs, when I called the latter, my sis told me she is crying. I sms her telling her that we Penang folks were very proud of her, each “B” was meant to encourage us to do better next time, look at the 4As and not the B. I knew it’s easier said than done, let her cried her heart out and everything will be normal again, it’s part of growing up.

I believe for us to teach children to deal with disappointments, we as parents must deal with our own self first, sometimes without realizing we are putting our hopes and dreams in our children, when our children did well, it gives us such a nice feeling and vice versa. Next put ourselves into our child’s shoes, encourage her to express her thoughts and feelings, be a good listener and give your full assurance that it is alright to fail and basically fine to be disappointed, failure is acceptable and permissible, shared your own experience of dealing with disappointments and motivate her to move on. My hubby used to quote, “Fill our children with love, when their love tank is full, they will be free to express and their full potential manifested”.

So I hope my niece will learn to deal with her disappointment and move on……… Ah Yee (aunt in Cantonese) certainly have a lot of life experience dealing with failure and disappointments, things turn out fine after all, so cheer up Sha Sha….

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