Tuesday, November 27, 2007


LV - branded bags. It cost a bomb to own one, I remembered my sis in-law used to craze over this LV bags and she owns a few (real ones!) I also heard of stories people (syndicate) organizing trips to Europe, the tour leader will give the tourist (most of them aunties) money, sponsored their tickts, they in return will need to buy according to the models required and when they are back, returned the bags to the tour leader and the tour leader will sell them locally, in other words, run away from taxlah.

So the recent trip to S'pore, I went to Bugis, and saw this crowd, guess what? LV bags on sale, I squeezed myself in and a lot of purses and wallets on sale, they were kept in a deep suit case, just in case the authority came, the seller will just zip the bag and run, I guessed. "I thought Singaporeans don't buy fakes!" one of my colleague said. He he he, we gotcha! Did I buy one, nope! Maybe I'll get one from Bangkok in the night market someday!


celine said...

I would love to have one. If we buy the correct model, the price of the item will keep on rising, even 10 years later...A kind of investment.

Wai Wai said...

Oh really, like buying a Rolex watch for men, that's what my hubby told me too. I personally not into branded things but depending on the usage e.g. sport shoes or walking shoes i would go for a branded one not for clothing, handbags, I will normally go for variety and style..


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