Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Story telling

Can’t recall when I started bedtime story telling routine with my girls, I think probably when Michelle is two. One story I remembered telling over and over again (easily more than 50 times) is the Cinderella. Of course there are many other stories like Jack and the beanstalk, sleeping beauty, ugly duckling, 3 little pigs, little red riding hood, Noah and the ark, Daniel in the lion’s den, Adam and Eve, Esther the queen……the list goes on…

Whenever one of us need to travel, the girls will get to sleep with us (the whole night through), when we are back we sent them back to their own room, well being away for 3 days give my daughters the privilege to sleep in our room recently and yesterday suppose to be the last bonus night having them in our room (because I’m back). Before we all go to bed, story telling time but yesterday we did it differently, Jeh Jeh suggested that each of us tell a story then we all go to sleep, it started with Jeh Jeh, the story of a cat, a dog and a big bad wolf , followed by Mei Mei’s which is pretty long winded and quite complicated (actually we don’t know what is she trying to tell us, anyway it’s a story so we pretended that we fully understood and is enjoying it) and lastly I told mine. It’s really a fun session and I could tell they really told them out of their hearts, I was pretty tired and suggested that we all go to bed but Mei Mei’s objected saying she got another story to tell, me and Jeh Jeh raised our eye brows and in our hearts…there goes another boring long winded, don’t know what story……….

Finally Mei Mei finished her last sentence……. “The End”, we were so glad that it was finally over and we all went to bed after saying our goodnights, I love yous and sweet dreams………Oh ya…. After each of our story session, we always end with the moral of the story, so we asked Jeh Jeh what’s the moral of your story? “We must help each other” she answered, what about Mei Mei’s? Mei Mei gladly proclaimed “I don’t know” and giggling all the way. Aren’t they cute?


dorene said...

what a loving warm moments...i don't recall having fairytale bedtime story...except for one story abt a big shark from my dad!Action-filled shark story! Guys..

Wai Wai said...

Shark story!! Oh no, hope you didn't have any sharkie nightmares! I normally tell happy ending, light and easy ones so that they will have sweet dreams and sleep well the whole night through without disturbing me. Ke ke ke


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