Tuesday, November 27, 2007

School camp

I used to attend camps in my secondary school days but now my 5-year old is attending one. RM180.00 for three weeks program, 8.30 – 12.00 noon. I wonder what they do? So one day I dropped by and asked the school principal. She told me they will equip the child with some basic living skills, taught them some basic house work, a full day nature tour etc…. Okay I said, in that case I would expect Michelle to be a little bit more helpful at home after the camp like washing the dishes, mopping the floor, preparing for breakfast, put the clothes in the washing machine, hang them and fold them, attend to my garden, water the plants etc………….. Ha ha am I crazy or what?

I asked my girl to provide a daily verbal report on what she has learnt, so far her reports covered spreading jam onto bread, making Milo, drying the dishes, visiting the park and learning about monkeys and nature, planting, painting………… very enriching.. below is Michelle’s first planting project and Emily’s too, jeh jeh taught her how to plant, we are having fried salted fish bean sprouts tonight, anybody care to join us for dinner?

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