Monday, November 26, 2007


I love giving surprises to my girls! The joy in their face simply melt my heart and contentment over flow me as I watched their expression and response. Got back from S’pore this morning, they were away at school camp, won’t be back till late afternoon, so what I did was I hung the surprises up (in my room) and when they reach home, they will normally go to their room and change, get their water bottle and “chou chou” (smelly pillows and bolsters) and lie down on the mattress. So when they go into my room, they will be surprise! “How come got…. Who bought it? Where’s mummy? Wah….oh…… I wanna try them on” and they will be dancing like princesses, after all they are my princesses…. Still need to go to the office today, can’t wait to be back home and hug them…..

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