Monday, November 26, 2007

Sean and I

Finally Sean and I are meeting up and last Sunday we have the opportunity to share some intimate moments together. He he, you must be wandering who is Sean eh? Sexy name eh? Well he’s my ex-….

Yeap, you are right, he is my ex-schoolmate’s simply adorable 2 year old son… (what were you thinking??). Me and his mom are best friends back in our childhood days and still are, this is the first time I met up with her in maybe 5 or 6 years, heard so much about Sean on her blog and finally we shared some time together last Sunday during my business trip to Singapore, catching up with his mom, a dedicated and extremely busy teacher and finally meeting his dad, a very sporting and muscular guy (keep asking me about the wife’s previous boyfriends….). We spent time catching up, girls talk (auntie’s talk) and of course played with Sean, he is simply photogenic and loves taking pictures (for a boy!) no camera shy at all! Maybe Sean will grow up being Mr. Singapore and all the gals will be crazy over him. Sean’s mom complained he has attitude problem, not responsive, selective hearing (clever boy! Only hears what he wanted to hear), slow to speak and don’t like reading. Don’t worry I said, he will learn to do what he is suppose to do in his time, he is just being a boy, who cares what girls can do at two!

Here is my favorite picture with Sean…..

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