Monday, December 3, 2007

6 Nationalities under one roof

Yeap, there are 6 nationalities working under the same roof in my company. They are Bangledeshis, Indonesians, Vietnamese, Myanmarese, Nepalese and Malaysians. Being a small and medium manufacturing company, over the years we depended heavily on foreign labors, so over time this is the result!

Chaos? Nope, thank God until now quite peaceful, of course there is little hiccups here and there, generally they are quite well behave and under controlled. Just this morning, I saw one of our Myanmar operator who has served the company for more than 5years fetching a Vietnamese operator who has worked maybe for a year or so to work in his bicycle. They were chatting freely and happily. Back in the canteen, a group of them were having breakfast and they were communicating in Bahasa... makes me wonder, they can worked and stayed together, why can't we, Malaysians at times?

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