Monday, December 3, 2007

It's a boy...

Yesterday, my neighbor, Boon holding his baby and standing by our door step, asking for help! “Help me please”, I quickly opened the metal grille door and asked, how can I help? “Please put my baby in the bag please”, “Ha, how?” I asked, “Place the baby inside this bag in front of me”, oh….. I placed little Herng Herng inside the bag just like his daddy ordered, finally we are face to face, silently in my mind “How come you look exactly like your mother (99.9999%) and you are a boy?” I “goo chiit and goo chak” with him for a while, asked him to smile for auntie here and know what…. he really did… so I rushed to my room, get my camera and took some shots of him……….. (let me asked his daddy first before publishing hah…).

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