Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Christmas is around the corner

Yeap, Christmas is around the corner, so last night me and the girls dug out our Christmas tree and decorated it, the girls had so much fun, of course the grand finale of decorating the Christmas tree is to switch of all house lights and on the mini-neon lights on the tree and da, what a splendor moment...

Our humble Christmas tree at home....

Sad to say most people treat Christmas as a time for just merry making, buying, wrapping and giving out presents, special sales, Santa Clause, public holidays but not Jesus Christ. Everytime around this period of time, I will e-mail to my colleagues and friends the meaning of Christmas and the Christmas tree, so this year I'm going to post it on my blog here, to remind and share with my readers the true meaning of this season. Below are adopted from a mail I received years ago but still touching my life every time I ponder on it, it's not my work, so credit given to the author, whoever you are......

Christmas tree – the color green represents eternal life in Christ; its fir needles point upward reminding us that our thoughts should turn heavenward as well

Star – the heavenly sign of the fulfillment of God’s promise of a Savior for mankind, on the night that Jesus was born

Red ornaments or ribbons – the intense, vivid color symbolizes the life-giving blood that Christ shed on the cross for us

Christmas bells – the shepherds of old used bells to guide lost sheep to safety and today, the bells symbolize the need to follow the true Shepherd who will lead to safety and peace

Red and white striped candy cane – the white of the cane symbolizes the virgin birth and sinless nature of Jesus; the “J” shape represents the precious name of Jesus and the Good Shepherd’s staff used to reach down into the ditches of the world to lift out “fallen lambs”; the red of the cane represents the shed blood of Jesus

Christmas wreath – traditionally of greenery and a bright red bow, its colors tell of Christ’s sacrifice and the eternal life He offers; the circle without a beginning or an end represents eternity and the unending, eternal nature of Christ’s love, the bow speaks of goodwill toward all

Candles – the soft glow of one candle can brighten a darkened room and represents how man can be grateful to God for the Savior born on Christmas day that leads us out of the darkness of sin into God’s glorious presence and light.

To all my readers, Blessed Christmas, Christmas isn't Christmas till it happens in your heart.


debwangch said...

very well... this in fact, in the perfect timing to bring out the true meaning of CHRISTmas... this is the season I like the most... simply because my life is no longer the same ever since the fist time I understand what CHRISTmas truly means... :)

dorene said...

a very beautiful tree


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