Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Girls don't wear skirts anymore!

I've female friends and colleagues who detest wearing skirts except their high school uniform (not that they have a choice), given a choice they would not want to wear any skirt, the reasons: "so troublesome", "can't walk fast", "don't have slim legs to show off" etc. 95% of the female staff in my company wear no make-up at all, not even lipsticks. Things are very different back in Singapore, I saw a lot of pretty girls on the street, not that they are really pretty in features but it's the way they present themselves.

So for the upcoming annual dinner event, I issued out a "memo" to them asking all the ladies to come in either dresses or skirts, no "pants" allowed, I suggested some places for shopping and that they can get reasonable and nice dresses/skirts, even organized a trip to one of the shopping complex to get them excited. For those who still show up in pants,jeans,slacks, we will cut them into skirts! "I told them, "we Malaysian girls can't loose out to Singaporean girls, there are so much beauty and potential in us", well let's see.........

I surf over the web on "dresses" and found this, something I would like to have...but hubby sure protest, one more thing you know why ladies like to wear black, one thing it is classy but the main thing is, it makes you look slimmer... ke ke ke

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