Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Finally, we met

4-stars finally met last Saturday, being the organizer I was terribly super late, arriving only at 4.45pm. The girls complained and complained but it's was totally the airline problem, not my fault, the flight was delayed by 1.5 hours, due to a low cost flight, I can't take the express train and ended up in the Skybus which take another 1.5 hours. So we don't have time for spa and facial as scheduled, anyway all four aunties looked radiant and our beauty prevailed after all these years, so we don't actually need the facial this time around, ke ke ke.

So, we chatted, chatted, chatted and shop till we drop. Our topics include our kids, hubby, in-laws, brands, parenting and gossipping about who and who having affairs (my goodness!), we moved from one coffee shop to another mamak store and yet still blah blah blah, we ended sleeping at almost 3.00am!!!

Oh yeah, not just 4 of us, we have one handsome bachelor guy with us on certain occasions, Amos who helped us with the lodging and food arrangement, thanks, we appreciated that. We also ended counselling this guy (our ex-school mate too) on objective setting and plan for his future... aunties!

How has time changed us? We are still a bunch of crazy girls (now aunties), so un-ladylike, still talk so loud and care free. Holding different jobs and earning different incomes we have different spending power, yet we lack of nothing and our friendship is not measured by material possesions (I hope!).

So we all agreed to have this reunion thing annually and next year it will be in Bangkok, this time I will try to reach one day earlier to wait for the rest, as a preventive measure just in case history repeat itself........ else there goes our spa and facial session again (we may need it next year! ka ka ka).

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celine from said...

Oh, so sweet!


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