Thursday, December 13, 2007

My spending limits (in RM)

I set myself certain limits when it comes to spending on items related to myself and the kids, call me a stingy fellow if you wish but thanks to mom who taught me the wisdom to spend wisely, live within your means and control your finances since I’m young. I wanted to train my kids the same way, so when they pestered me on some things that they wanted, when mummy shakes her head upon checking the price tag, the girls will know, “too expensive hor?” and they reluctantly but obediently moved on…..

Dress <150
Blouse < 50
Working slacks < 50
Working shoes < 50
Sport shoes < 200
Cosmetics < 30 per item
A nice hairdo < 200
Hair cut < 15
Kid’s dresses <50
Kid’s t-shirts, skirts, blouses <30
Kid’s shoes < 40
Kid’s toys < 30
Kid’s haircut < 6
Handbag < 100
Hawker’s food < 5 per pax
Restaurant’s food < 20 per pax
Weekly market spending < 80
Monthly groceries < 500
A good book < 100

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Celine said...

The most expensive shoes I bought was the "bling bling" dinner shoes for my wedding, RM90, and the most espensive handbag I bought was Sembonia dinner bag, cost for RM250. The worst thing is my "ji mui" borrow that handbag and returned it to me after 1 year in a very bag condition. The skin already crack...Oh, my heart breaks. I swear I will never lend any expensive things to my "ji mui" after that incident. Sorry lar...

Actually I'm the financial controller at home. Jack and I do not stingy when eating out, but I will control him from buying any unnecessary expensive things. I spend his money (including my insurance payment), and my salary will be saved in my account, hehehe...


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