Thursday, December 13, 2007

Our overly sensitive Emily

Mei mei has been extremely over sensitive lately and I would say displayed real bad manners, she doesn’t like people mentioning about her, laughing at her (even for her cute actions and words), she talks rudely demanding that everyone follows and do as she pleased, shouted at people etc. I and hubby tried to find the root cause, is it that we don’t give her enough attention, that’s why she needed to shout to get her message across and react indifferently for people to notice her? So we tried to be more sensitive towards her and give our full attention, but I realized she still acts the same given the attention which makes me quite annoyed with her behavior.

She will get angry easily, rolled her eyes and show you her angry face, walked to her room and mumbled discontent words, I normally ignored her and when she could not hold any longer due to the cold and isolation treatment, she will cried her heart out….

I will let her cry and cry until she’s ready for some reasoning session, good thing is she willingly apologize for her behavior, said she will not do it again and 100% understood what actually went wrong, but I guess she has very short memory (Daddy’s DNA) and normally the whole episode will start all over again either the day after or hours later……..hai…. I wish she will outgrow this stage…….anyway we love you dear Emily else we won’t name you Emily (Every Moment I Love You)………

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