Thursday, December 13, 2007

Help! 4 kids

I took another extra day off from work after the reunion trip, so early in the morning, hubby took mom in-law for check-up and I ended up with 4 kids, two of my own and two of my brother in-law’s (they were up Penang visiting since it’s school hols), we dropped both of them to the hospital and off we go, hmm… where to bring this bunch of kids and not losing anyone of them? I drove to Botanical garden but it was drizzling when we reached, so I made a U-turn and off we went to Gurney Plaza, since it’s quite early and it’s a weekday, should be OK quah…

I parked the car and off we go, firstly to the toilets, then to the main court, I’ve to keep on reminding them to stay close to me else they will end up in bad guy’s hands. Hubby called and said they will join us as doctor’s appointment postponed to 2pm, what a relief… we ventured into the “Hot Market” and Popular bookstore, took lunch and both hubby and MIL need to go back to the hospital again. Oh my gosh, left with 4 kids again….. now what? Saw a crowd and an emcee announcing some thing at the center court… ah ha, Looney Tunes to the rescue, they are having a coloring competition, followed by a cartoon show and photo taking session. I dragged all of them to the confined area; they colored, watched the show and went up stage to take photos with the characters. The kids enjoyed it, so do I. I later confined them again at Toys R Us until hubby came to pick us up. I was completely exhausted and knocked down immediately upon reaching home…….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Can’t imagine having 4 kids and handling them alone……. Thank God for just giving me two, God certainly would not put us in situation we could not bear…

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