Monday, December 17, 2007

Magical Night

The "Copperfield" family plus one volunteer!

We had great fun yesterday night. It was my company annual dinner event, all ladies in their best were all geared up to have fun. Bosses were invited and all staff from all levels joined in the celebration. I was elected as a group leader, 6 persons in a group to come up with a presentation item. In one week time we came up with this great “Copperfield” magical show and emerged as the best group performer, we walked away with a big hamper plus RM300 cash….. So we are planning for a feast this Wednesday night. Our show comprised of 6 highly professional acts namely “fantastic hands”, “the mask”, “now you see it, now you don’t”, “magical hats” and “power human lift”. The crowd was simply great and was exhilarated by our “professionalism”, not to mention the judges were all inspired by our performances, ke ke ke…. Have not been performing in years, yet I found that I have not lost any of my artiste talent…….. ka ka ka.

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